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FEATURED LABEL: Psychic Lunch Records- Interview

psylunch FEATURED LABEL: Psychic Lunch Records  Interview
Labels pop up every day, but very few can boast a roster that reaches the echelon that Psychic Lunch Records has with just three releases. Psychic Lunch is managed by TX garageheads Skyler Salinas (of Fungi Girls) and Stephanie Lopez, in collaboration with DIY art combo CMRTYZ–part of the reason both their lineup and artwork shred. We spoke with the TX portion of the record label about what’s to come and the label itself.

SICK OF THE RADIO: How did you guys get such a great lineup for the first couple of releases?
PSYCHIC LUNCH: Carlos Ruiz, of CMRTYZ found out that I had been thinking of starting my own label, so he contacted me about doing some co-releases. We both happen to be friends with the bands we’re releasing, so all we had to do was ask and luckily they all said yes.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Pick a Star Wars character to embody Psychic Lunch Records. Explain why you chose this character.
PSYCHIC LUNCH: Oh, definitely Chewbacca! People have told me that my really loud laugh has resembled a wookiee, and Skyler is pretty hairy, so the two of us together equal one wookiee. Also, wookiees are known to be loyal friends and really don’t trust strangers…I’m kind of the same way.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Is there a certain sound you strive you achieve as a label?
PSYCHIC LUNCH: Nothing in particular, really. We do plan on branching outside of the garage/surf scene, and we’re making sure that our label has variety, as opposed to one certain sound. We hope to be a label that will reach a lot of different artists and fans. Labels with bands that all have really similar sounds can get boring.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Are there any bands you’d really like to work with?
PSYCHIC LUNCH: So far we’ve been pretty fortunate when it comes to bands we want to work with, so I can’t really think of anything in specific. I’m pretty open to any and all suggestions, and Skyler listens to a lot more older music so he’s thought about reissues and comps, but merely no more than thinking about them.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Can you tell us more about the planned OCS re-issues? Those seem to be a great prospect.
PSYCHIC LUNCH: We’re pretty excited about this one, since we’re huge fans of Thee Oh Sees and OCS- any John Dwyer related band for that matter. We talked to John Dwyer about this and he gave us the okay, and later we talked to Play Pinball Records about it. They were super into it too, so we all decided it should be a co-release. We’ll give you a heads up when it’s happening.

SICK OF THE RADIO: What else are you scheming up for the future?
PSYCHIC LUNCH: We already have a 7″ lined up with G.Green, which is fucking rad. I’ve been dying to do a cassette release for a few months now, so if any bands want one, let me know!

Pick up the new Dead Ghosts 12″ LP, Fungi Girls/Indian Wars Split, and Beets/Cassie Ramone Split from Psychic Lunch’s Big Cartel Store!

Cassandra Gillig.

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