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FASHION: Why You Should Stop Wearing American Apparel

American Apparel - Ad Campaign
Admittedly,  it was once cool. There was a sexy subculture out there, and wearing a candy-colored sweatshirt with white accents was like a secret password at a Prohibition-era speakeasy. But maybe it’s time to say goodbye to your leotards and over-the-bang latex headbands. After all, if you don’t do it, Am Appy CEO Dov Charney will drop your ass before you know what’s hit you.

Charney is a lothario. A dirty, bearded, perverse lothario. Which is why he made the perfect poster boy for a brand that oozed sex appeal. But lately, that brand has been hemorrhaging money. Dov’s solution? Make it a sexy Gap. He recently told the Village Voice that hipsterdom is dead. No one wants that title anymore, he claims. Now it’s all about pleats and linen and dirty martinis with your prudish cousins in the Hamptons. Nevermind the fact that American Apparel as a company is so poor that their salesgirls might be forced to wear the new conservative line to waitress that Hamptons party.

American Apparel - New Ad Campaign
To be fair, maybe the prep is the next hipster evolution. The jump towards sweater vests and polos might not be that hard to make.

BY: Mercedes Rodriguez

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