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Mazing Vids: Insanitex

mazing vids1 Mazing Vids: Insanitex

Mazing Vids-shoot yr self down

Mazing Vids- insects

Mazing Vids have been diagnosed with a specific type of psychosis. This particular psychosis has been known to affect 3 out of every 4 persons in the five borough area. Years of exposure to infinitely, dense amounts of glass, cement, and taxi cabs have been the sole cause of said mental disorder.

Similar patients, such as the bizzaro group Excepter , have reported such side effects displaying proclivitiesĀ  towards synths, drum machines, and maniacal vocals. If you find yourself collecting synthesizers, drum machines, and or starting a band, please call your doctor right away as these may be signs of a serious condition.

Check out more tracks on their website here.

William M. Bass

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