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Sylvian Sleepwalkers Article

Sleepwalkers Sylvian Sleepwalkers Article

David Sylvian has had a long and expansive career. From glam rock, to new romantic; minimal to long-form ambient, Sylvian’s done it all. He has kept his career interesting, and as of late fresh for his ears. This past decade has seen two releases solo releases Blemish and Manafon, which compared to Sylvian’s Virgin era releases are minimal, at times abrasive and hard to get in to. Sleepwalkers is an interesting release, as it shows Sylvian is capable of constant evolution in his sound.

Sleepwalkers; Sylvian’s latest release is a compilation of remixes and songs that he has made with fellow artists that he has worked with over the years. Sonically Sleepwalkers sounds great. It’s lush, big, and flows pretty well aside from a few “beat poet” like spoken word tracks. The album has an almost bluesy feel to it,

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