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FASHION: David David’s Multi Coloured Umbrella from Darkroom

David David Multi Umbrella 11 FASHION: David Davids Multi Coloured Umbrella from Darkroom

Umbrellas are such an under-rated accessory these days. In The Time of Our Elders (or for people who are older than 30), umbrellas were highly coveted accents, a necessary addition to any outfit for the fashion forward set.  These days, an umbrella is just that thing we all pay too much for because we only remember to buy when when it’s pouring outside and all the stores have jacked up their prices like they were Lamborghinis.   But umbrellas don’t have to be dowdy to be practical.  David David’s Multi Coloured Umbrella puts a modern twist on an item; proving that anything can become fashionable in the right hands.

Available at Darkroom, this isn’t the kind of umbrella your father has to chide you to remember to keep in your trunk…because this piece doesn’t just belong in the back of your car, jostling around with your tire jack and that bag of old clothes you might someday get around to dropping off at Goodwill.  This is a work of art; a happy twirl of bright color and geometric design, that rests somewhere between Spring’s tribal print trend and Art Nouveau.    After all, why let a few lousy storm clouds take the spring out your strut?

By Rebecca Rose

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