Mp3: The Enchantments-download debut album

the enchantments the heavenly sounds Mp3: The Enchantments download debut album

The Enchantments-Forever Juice

The Enchantments-Life’s Pretty Good

Back in July our buddies from the The Enchantments sent in a few songs from their upcoming album The heavenly sounds of the…Enchantments, now you can download the whole thing¬† from their bandcamp page. Their abrasive blend of toy keyboard bubblegum covered in murky tape dust has an innocent quality thats sure to please. Besides their poppy quirkiness they also incorporate psychedelic¬† influences into their sound with spacy layers of vintage sythns that create cosmic backdrops of celestial proportions dirtied up with blow out guitar-twang and underwater vocals.

Download The heavenly sound of the…Enchantments HERE

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