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Michael RJ Saalman drops “May Peace Bewitch You” LP

michael RJ Saalman album Michael RJ Saalman drops May Peace Bewitch You LP

Those whose weirdo acoustic antennae were piqued by Michael RJ Saalman‘s recent tour of Cali will be happy to hear his new album, “May Peace Bewitch You”, is available¬†HERE. Combining sweet folk love songs with dissonant experimentation, early computer FX and what sounds like flamenco, Saalman truly fulfils his self-billing as a ‘multimedia singer-songwriter’.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Sept 2nd Hyperion Tavern – Los Angeles, CA
Sept 7th KXLU session
Sept 7th Silverlake Lounge – Los Angeles CA
Sept 9th Jose’s Lounge Underground – Monterey CA
Sept 10th Oakland CA
Sept 11th San Jose or OFF for REHEARSAL
Sept 13th Davis, CA
Sept 14th Olympia – need a venue and local band
Sept 15th Seattle, WA – need a venue and local band
Sept 16th Portland, OR – Tonic Lounge
Sept 17th Sam Bond’s Garage – Eugene OR
Sept 18th San Francisco, CA – need a venue and local band
Sept 19th Luigi’s Fun Garden – Sacramento CA
Article by: Richard Greenan

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