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Guest Post: Gary War on Hartley C. White

hartley c. White Guest Post: Gary War on Hartley C. White

Hartley C. White- Under the Radar (excerpt)

Guest post from Gary War:

“Sometime last year a friend who works at a New York recording studio mentioned that he had recently finished working on a real interesting session. He played me a great song called The Bicycle Lady by Hartley C. White and explained how the rhythmic cadences in Hartley’s songs were an interpretation of the movements found in Martial Arts and that Hartley had 3 previous albums (‘Run The Gauntlet’, Coming Out Fighting’, and ‘Face The Music‘) of what Hartley calls “Whopazootic Music”. I got to meet Hartley this summer and found him to be one of the warmest people I’ve encountered in recent memory.”

Keep an eye out for Gary War‘s new album “Police Water” 12″/cd ep and “New Raytheonport” re-issue LP out soon on Sacred Bones.

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