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Mp3:Yung Life-Reverb Blanket

yung life1 Mp3:Yung Life Reverb Blanket

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While still in a nascent stage in their career, Yung Life have mastered the bliss-ed out coital haze pioneered by such shoe gaze bands as My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. However, Yung Life takes a different route in “following their bliss.” Instead of burying the listener’s ear canals in mountains of feedback and distortion, the band wraps listeners in a comforting blanket of reverb and synth–coming off like demos to M83 Album. Nevertheless, Yung Life’s sound remains more playful than the above band, recalling a sense of innocence amidst the overwhelming noise of cynicism.

Download Yung Life’s album I be scared when I be by myself HERE

William M. Bass

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