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Neither Here Nor There: Just That

mogwai live Neither Here Nor There: Just That

I felt it necessary to give a wee bit of background information before delving officially into Neither Here Nor There. The only thing I’ve every really been good at is loving music. I’ll even be the first one to admit that my love borders on obsession, and I’m not even sure I’d categorize that obsession as a healthy one. For me, music is as necessary as water and air; it’s as fundamental as learning to walk and talk; it’s proof that I’m alive because it moves me like nothing else.

I was raised on a strict diet of rock, folk, classical, opera and even show tunes. Growing up, our house was never without music, and from early on, I learned to find inspiration and comfort in it. I was eight when I bought my first album, Talking Heads: 77, and thirteen when I went to my first show, the Violent Femmes. I was a DJ in college and it was there I cultivated my music snob ways, turned my back officially on mainstream radio and never went back.

My taste in music is a motley collection of this and that. From Mogwai to Phosphorescent to Beirut to Slint to Cat Power to Iron & Wine to Palace Brothers to Tokyo Police Club, my taste is neither here nor there. I love ridiculously up-beat pop as much as low-key sultry folk, and am a sucker for sad songs, the sadder the better. While I love a great melody, my true attachment is to well-written lyrics, poetry set to music if you will, but I also believe a song doesn’t have to say a word to move the listener – case in point: “Moya,” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

It was Nietzsche who said, “Without music, life would be a mistake,” and I couldn’t agree more. So with that, I conclude my preface… and now on to my first Neither Here Nor There post…

By: Amanda Chatel


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