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Guest Post: Grimes on Myths

myths music Guest Post: Grimes on Myths

Guest post by Claire from Grimes:

A band I’m really into right now would be Myths , pretty much the coolest live band ever.  I went to their show in Montreal this summer and a literally had whiplash after-wards (I could not turn my head to the side for a couple days) plus they gave me a cd and some buttons.  But yeah, they brought their own lights with them on tour and were very similar in appearance, like little witches, which was excellent because I really think good visual impact is an important part of a set – but it also wasn’t overtly gimick-y, which is nice.  But most importantly was their performance, which was perfect; really heavy but super danceable samples in kind of an industrial (goth?) vein and then well-curated screaming.  Obviously this is sort of a gloss of their set, because it was months ago that I saw it and it has more depth then what I just described, but this is just sort of a flat and sensationalist description of an incredible live show.  Everyone was dancing really hard and the cops came, which I think is a pretty solid indication of a great show so yes, check out this band as they are incredible.

listen to Myths Myths-Goldbase (demo)

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