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Mp3: Slow Animal download

slow animal1 Mp3: Slow Animal download

Slow Animal-Sitting Here

Slow Animal are lo-fi. Slow Animal are fuzz. Slow Animal are shoegaze. Slow Animal are the sound of a deer and a panda having a fight to the death on a train to… etc etc etc. Label all you want, Slow Animal aren’t a band you can write simple one liners or made up genres on. The essence of the music is in the atmosphere, an atmosphere of content confusion.

Technically speaking it ranks alongside the products of small-time Dutch label Rack & Ruin in its approach to a coalition between pop and alternative (‘alternative’ being the side with the majority of the power). The closest and snappiest description would be that it’s an abstract creation made of physical parts. But given that words are merely an attempt at describing the indescribable, the best advice I can give is to give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Download 4  Slow Animal tracks HERE.

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