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Summer Camp “Round the Moon”

The word ‘anomaly’ might have been simplified to the point of ‘anything which can’t be described in less than five words’, but occasionally you do experience something where the result genuinely defies the theory, and nostalgia-intent Summer Camp are about as close as you’ll find to such an example. With all the stylings of perfectly conventional pop music; charming mixed-gender vocals, backing layers akin to the downbeat dance-pop of the 80s, and drums which never quite overstep their boundaries; there’s an undeniable air of obscure eeriness in their tunes.

The anomaly doesn’t just appear in the band’s target audience, but in the overall enjoyment. This combination of dodgy drum machines and echoing synths is one which rarely produces good results, but after a few listens, the music slowly begins to imprint itself in your memory, adding even more to the aforementioned eeriness. The only problem is, it’s just not an eeriness worth bookmarking.

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