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INTERVIEW: Solar Bears

solar bears INTERVIEW: Solar Bears

We were able to talk with Ireland’s Solar Bears about their EP on Planet Mu, their influences and their possible plans for an upcoming tour below.

SICK OF THE RADIO-Can you name some of your influences?

Solar Bears-Between the both of us influences are widespread and vary drastically. For me Bibio, Death in Vegas, Portishead and Broadcast would be what has gotten to me the most over the years. Listening to Mordoer and John Carpenter in my formative years made me interested in electronic music. Rian is a huge fan of XTC and Aphex Twin as well as recently falling in love with the records of Clark.

SICK OF THE RADIO-Tell us about your newest EP Inner Sunshine on Planet Mu.

Solar Bears-The EP contains the more guitar based tracks we had as well as an intimate song which we felt was very emotive. After the sessions we had about 25 tracks in total and they fit together quite well on the EP, as did the track listing on the album. Inner Sunshine is another way of describing energy or love.

SICK OF THE RADIO-Describe your set-up equipment wise, electronics, synths, laptop, etc.

Solar Bears-In the studio that the album and EP were recorded we used old school Proteus synths, a digital Novation synth, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, a Roland keyboard, a Korg keyboard, samples, live drums, a piano, a saxophone which we made into a synth sound as well as many pedals and shakers.

SICK OF THE RADIO-Tell us about the scene in Dublin and Wicklow Ireland, can you name some bands you like from the general vicinity?

Solar Bears-Adebisi Shank are making waves here and abroard, their music is fairly chaotic and unpredictable. I really like Low Sea who signed for Lefse. Highly recommend both groups, as well as an unknown band called My Bloody Valentine.

SICK OF THE RADIO-Any plans for a tour or live shows any time soon??

Solar Bears-We have been offered quite a lot of gigs and tours so we are gonna start rehearsing as soon as we can. Visuals are needed which is important to the band because we are obsessed with cinema.

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