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“The Holograms” by Fol Chen remix album download

fol chen The Holograms by Fol Chen remix album download

Fol Chen is some slightly mysterious Electronic-but-not-”Electronica” band from California. I couldn’t really find much information about them, but who cares because their music is good which is really where they are notable. It seems easy enough to lump them in with the overdone and slightly boring chillwave/indie-electronica/what have you genre, but they somehow are not slightly boring or overdone or anything of the sort. This release is really only one song, and then that song remixed a few times. I’m not one for remixes, but they are nice enough, and the original song is the best part. Harsh/pounding electronic drums and some “weird noises” and beeps and boops there is really nothing to be upset about here. Nice female vocals about words and understanding or WHATEVER all I really have to say about this release is that it’s different and I like it and I am in favor of this band and will be seeing them at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia opening for !!! (maybe, I am not too fond of !!! to be honest.) They are opening for !!! at a few other dates in New York, DC, and beyond.

Download Fol Chen’s EP The Holograms HERE

Article by: Noam

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