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INTERVIEW: An Interview with DylDawg

dyldawg INTERVIEW: An Interview with DylDawg
If you look up the word “God” in the dictionary, there is a picture of Sacramento dreamboat and epic beer-chugger DylDawg. I’ve known DylDawg for years, but have no real concept of him. Despite this, though, I refuse to delve; his mystery is precious, awe-inspiring, totally fucking awesome. He is a bit of an anomaly, but I like that. He talks of Fleetwood Mac and hot bitches. He loves sensitive films like Chocolat but also chuggs vodka out of hollowed-out deer skulls. The man, the myth, the legend: DylDawg. I received the extensive privilege of talking to Sacramento’s biggest teen heart-throb/radio personality/guitar-shredder regarding his epic existence and his fuckin’ radio show, goddamnit.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Can you tell me a little about G. Green and your radio show?

DYLDAWG: G. Green is a band that Andrew made me join. I do the radio show with Andrew, mostly to just take advantage of KDVS’s library.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Who all is in G. Green? Aren’t there some ex-members of “cool” bands?

DYLDAWG: It’s me, and my 3 best friendz Andrew, Liz and Brittney. Our friend Julian used to be in it, who was in a “cool” band. G. Green is mostly just Andrew though.

SICK OF THE RADIO: You are a taste-maker. What are your favorite local/nonlocal bands?

DYLDAWG: Probably Dire Straits

SICK OF THE RADIO: Classic, nice choice.

DYLDAWG: Hmm…That’s a really hard question; I don’t listen to much music outside of my job as a professional musician….I like to keep my personal life and my work life separate.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Who are your local go-to-guys for shows? You plan a lot of sweet ones.

DYLDAWG: There are not really any bands in this town that are active right now, but semi-recently, Repressive Proteins are killing it… There was this one band who played like 2 or 3 shows, but I can’t remember their name. The dude had long curly hair and a wah pedal.

SICK OF THE RADIO: “Every band ever”?

DYLDAWG: Yeah Sacramento’s pretty lame. Ganglians suck, Mayyors are old dirtbags…. I’m kidding both of those bands rule.

SICK OF THE RADIO: I heard that Ganglians can party.

DYLDAWG: Sure do. Those guys can party. But yeah, I can’t really think of any other Sacramento bands other than those…and, oh shit, The Bananas. But they don’t really play shows.

SICK OF THE RADIO: They have gotta be getting old, right?

DYLDAWG: Not that old, Smiller still comes out sometimes.

SICK OF THE RADIO: They’re too old to punk now, though! I bet they have like somewhat steady jobs

DYLDAWG: You mean Pop punk…I don’t really know, I only know Scott and I don’t even know what he does. I know he’s Chris Woodhouse’s boss, that’s all. I think. Someone told me that once.

SICK OF THE RADIO: I’ll fact-check it, since this is a really professional interview.

DYLDAWG: Yeah. My brother is outside of my door yelling “Hey fartface, come on my man!”

SICK OF THE RADIO: Speaking of fartface, who is your favorite member of Wu-Tang Clan?

DYLDAWG: GZA or Ghostface….Though, RZA as Bobby Digital was good. That’s a hard question too.

SICK OF THE RADIO: What is your favorite Ghostface solo album?

DYLDAWG: Supreme Clientele, duh.

SICK OF THE RADIO: So then your favorite GZA album is Liquid Swords?

DYLDAWG: What are you trying to say…

SICK OF THE RADIO: Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. All right, so, the rumor in the internet community is that you had a three-way with Snooki from Jersey Shore and Jennifer Aniston. I know it’s true, so can you just give the website some details?

DYLDAWG: Yeah, the movie is called Leprechaun.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Oh cool. I knew Snooki seemed familiar!!

DYLDAWG: People don’t just make their way into fame, you have to climb the ladder.

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DylDawg’s most excellent radio show airs Wednesdays from midnight to 3AM on Sacramento/Davis’s KDVS or can be streamed online if you don’t reside in the community at KDVS.org. G. Green are always on tour and their dates can be found on their myspace, where you can buy their new 7″.

Cassandra Gillig.

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