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T.V. Coahran: Creepiness not sold seperately


T.v. Coahran have left me puzzled about Washington. Is there something funny in the water (arsenic or rat poison maybe?) or is it just the nature of the pacific northwest to engender crazies.

T.v. Coahran‘s front man Trent Vernon Coahran, skillfully plunks a toy piano for most of their tunes, singing like a deranged Mick Jagger. The rest of the band fills out the boozy pirate vibes while maintaining the rigorous and technical nature of the music. Yet. amidst all the insanity and carnival ride whirlwind T.v. coahran still manages to keep us coming back with their own infectiousness, letting us stay on the ride without vomiting corn-dogs and cotton candy on ourselves.

William M. Bass

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