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Sewn Leather: We believe in Nothing

sewn leather1 Sewn Leather: We believe in Nothing

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The Dude: What is up with that guy?

Bunny Lebowski: Don’t mind him he is just a nihilist?

The Dude: Wow, that must be exhausting.

To the best of my knowledge, the mastermind behind Sewn Leather is not a nihilist; although his music might be something churned out by the fictional band ‘Autobahn’ in the above movie. The band dials in the alienation. Harsh, synthetic electronics with robotic vocal delivery, Sewn Leather can scare the jorts off any of your grandma’s noise acts; alright maybe he does believe in nothing.

While off-putting at first, Sewn Leathers electro-clash instruments and vocals that sound like they are sung through a fan, somehow retain their infectiousness throughout all the cacophony. And with lyrics about smoking weed in your bad and getting sick after consuming Jack in the Box, everyone can relate.

William Bass

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