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ART:Anders Krisar-Ruined perfection

anders krisar 6 Anders Krisar

Anders Krisar‘s work doesn’t strike you at first. Sure, you see a normal looking torso. With two hands on it. But they’re not on it, they’re imprinted into it. The detail that he puts into his work is stunning. The textures are so realistic, so believable, it’s not surprising that Krisar throws away multiple casts in his search for perfection. Every piece represents a part of human psychology and has a deep, intimate connection to Krisar himself. Each of the flawless structures are interrupted by somewhat violent or disturbing touches; a torso cut into strips and then weaved together, a head made of pills, or a jacket filled with countless layers of clothing underneath.

anders krisar 8 Anders Krisar

anders krisar 2 600x457 Anders Krisar

anders krisar 3 Anders Krisar

By Sophia Chen

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