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Guest Post: Porcelain Raft on Iva Bittova

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Mauro from Porcelain Raft says:

A long time ago, attracted probably by the cover, I bought a CD which was a soundtrack of a movie that I never heard of before.  Judging by the images on the leaflet it looked like a documentary. The CD was called ‘Step Across The Border‘.Many artists involved, all under the supervision of Fred Frith.  Still now I consider it one of my favourite albums. One of the songs I liked the most was composed and played by a Czech violist player called Iva Bittova. Her voice and the violin’s line just blew me away. She sung in a language I could’t even understand but somehow I was with her, in that room, listening…

Since than I followed Iva Bittova’s music, some to be honest I wasn’t really into it, some I was just knocked out but its beauty. It’s a music that comes from a place I can hardly relate too but yet grabs me and doesn’t let me go. It has a narrative quality that I admire in music.

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