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MP3: Echo Orbiter’s New Album- Euphonicmontage

Euphonicmontage cover art medium MP3: Echo Orbiters New Album  Euphonicmontage

Echo Orbiter is a true original. While they have been lumped in with such iconic bands as Of Montreal, The Olivia Tremor ControlNeutral Milk Hotel and the other Elephant Six groups, Echo Orbiter is so unique, it’s hard to pin them down to one class, one sound, or even one genre. Brothers Justin and Colin Emerle started Echo Orbiter in 1996, and while their line-up of musicians has changed over the last fourteen years, the Emerle brothers have been constant in their dedication to the band.

On September 28th, Echo Orbiter’s ninth full-length, Euphonicmontage, will be released. The brothers remain faithful to their experimental roots with this album, delving into eccentric sounds, eerie samples and loops, and creating an obscenely artistic invention of music and space, or simply as the title of the album suggests, a montage.

Each song is an effectual dizziness in which the listener wants to swim. From the poppiness of “Bicycle Superstar,” to the shoegaze intensity of “Gasoline Rainbow,” Euphonicmontage is a perfect example of what happens when you take all your passion and shove it neatly into a nice little package. What else would you expect from a band who cites Ayn Rand, and cubism and surrealism as some of their influences?

“We’ve taken our ‘psychedelic’ and ‘artistic’ roots and completely integrated it into something truly underground. That’s something I’m personally proud of,” Justin says of the new album. “I hope to challenge people’s ears with this one and it appears to be working so far. It’s a bit of a leap, but not far enough away to distance anyone familiar with our work.”

Euphonicmontage is an innovative landmark in the world of indie rock; its layering of influences are clear, without being overwrought in trying to live up to the expectations of those influences. And despite their experimental ways, the album is accessible to new fans, without leaving older fans out in the cold. Honestly, one can’t help but wonder if Euphonicmontage will set a standard that all future Echo Orbiter albums will be compared, because it really is that good.

You can either wait until September 28th to score your copy, or download the album here.

Not only does this year find us with this new album from Echo Orbiter, but they can also be found on Sick of the Radio’s very own compilation, R. Stevie Moore Tribute Vol. 2 “New Wave Moons.”

By: Amanda Chatel

“One in a Million,” from 2003′s Qu’est-ce Pour Nous.

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