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VIDEO ART: Ryan Trecartin-Distilled reality TV

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You can find Youtube reality shows everywhere now, whether they’re parodies or not. They all feel overdone and it’s rather easy to tell which show they’re emulating. Unlike most of the internet community, Ryan Trecartin is spitting back reality TV in a whole new way in his latest work, K-CoreaINC-K, a dizzying mashup of ¬†clips of himself in various personas. It makes no sense and at the same time is disorienting, the same feeling that you get when you step into the middle of a reality TV show with no knowledge of it beforehand. However, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Instead of paying attention to the drama and gossip and plot (if there is any), Ryan Trecartin forces you to look at the absurdity of what you’re watching and laugh. Watch some of his work here and enjoy.

Sophia Chen

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