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Peters House Music: Dance Music for Ironic Robots

peters hous music21 Peters House Music: Dance Music for Ironic Robots

No, you didn’t consume too much red bull and vodka, dehydrate in a hot-tub, and go back in time; it’s just the sound of Peters house Music. As evinced by Hot Tub Time Machine, time or culture don’t seem to function in a strictly linear fashion. The fashions and trends of certain decades always seem to bubble up to the surface of whatever our present era might be, and like everything in the universe culture is endlessly being recycled– neither created nor destroyed.

Peters House Music is just one of the examples of this phenomena. The alias of Peter Schuette (who moonlights in Silk Flowers and Psychobuilding) blends 80′s synths, muzak guitar, and drum machines to create an irresistible “weird science” of grooviness and disorientation. This is the sound of the muzak you hear during the trivia before the movie, if it was a dance party. The sound of the future-past.

By William M. Bass

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