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California’s Jaws Might Just Show Up in Your Nightmares


If you’re into new age experimentation and have ever considered undergoing hypnosis, save your hard earned dollars and look no further. Jaws, the Californian scientist of synth has concocted a potion of haunting echoes and Bowie-like backbeat. The seemingly one-man operation has declared his sound as resembling “nightmare vocal acid” and to be honest, that’s probably the best way to describe it. Track “Speaking Out Of Time” is seedy and sly, and “Get Back” could just as well be the soundtrack to an 80′s horror film, if not your nightmares. Drawn out, suspenseful chords are mixed with barely audible, exhausted vocals and an ear piercing ding. While traffic has slowed to a halt over at the Jaws Myspace page, we can only hope it’s because the madman behind the sound is busy in his lair, working away on a new spoonful of musical sorcery.

By: Carly Lewis

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