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Mp3: Download-Frouky No reverb in france

frouky1 Mp3: Download Frouky No reverb in france

A shitload of reverb seems to be a key necessity in alot of music these day. To all the pretentious chillwavers out there here is an example of what you can do without it, throw away the security blanket already. Frouky’s sound is like a hot knife thru butter……..smoooooth. The French band sounds sometimes like a cartoon – as in something you would expect to hear in the background of a main menu screen for an Atari video game.  The band’s Myspace page of comic strip-like drawings doesn’t hurt the comparison either.  The band cranks out dreamy organ and a marching drum machine beat in j’ai reve (“I dreamed”) and a darkwave electro sounding approach in their song j’attendrai (“I shall wait”), all accompanied sultry monotone french-girl-vocals. Très intéressant indeed.

By: Laura Romer

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