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INTERVIEW: Bermuda Bonnie

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If you haven’t heard of Bermuda Bonnie yet, you’re not the only one. This beachy Brooklyn group is treading the thin line between obscure and insanely popular and are an act to watch in the coming months. We spoke with lead singer Rebecca Huston regarding the group’s influences and going-ons.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Your music has a distinct sound but still hits on a lot of different areas. Which bands are your primary influences?

BERMUDA BONNIE: Of Montreal, Fiery Furnaces, Magnetic Fields, The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, Passion Pit, Yacht, Discovery, David Bowie. I like psychedelic music (not the Dead or the Doors necessarily, although they are fine bands) but music that is trance inducive and strange with a lot of detail. I also dig electronic drum beats that are arranged weird, thank you Kevin Barnes. And then I like wordy music that tells a story or takes you to a place and into the mind of the writer. With personal lyrics that are maybe a little soul revealing.

SICK OF THE RADIO: How do you come up with lyrics for your songs? Are the things mentioned in tracks like “Awful Donna” made up or did you truly have a terrible time at jr. high?

BERMUDA BONNIE: I truly had a terrible time in jr high! I was always the easiest target for evil girl torture, I think because I was the smallest kid in the entire grade. They would play tricks on me and other girls as well. Like there was this game they called pantsing were they would invite you to a party and then three of them would tackle you, tickle you and strip you and laugh at your naked, pissed off self and act like you are silly to over react. And they would spread rumors. Or try to win your trust and then get you to tell secrets….then, bam! Back fire! And there was a cult of girls with two of them as ring leaders. It seemed the only way to get on their good side, if only for a week, was to play tricks on someone else to prove your evilness. So I spent a good part of grade school and jr high at home with my mom learning how to bake cheesecake and pie! Once I was in high school I decided I would only be friends with guys. Since then I still find myself not trusting girls and only seeking male friends.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Do you go to the beach as often as your music would imply?

BERMUDA BONNIE: I grew up in Wisconsin so the beach for me was lake beaches and pools. But, yes, I spent every waking hour in the summer at a variety of boat docks and beaches on the Winnebago, and man-made pools. These are great because its like a lake but they put sand down and just a little chlorine in so the water is always clear. And there is a diving raft that you have to pass a test to prove you can swim out to. Also, my dad does a lot of fishing so a special treat was when we would go with him and ride out on the speed boat and swim, snorkel, and water ski. My mom tells me I was doing cannonballs off the high dive when I was three. I think I was reincarnated from a fish!

SICK OF THE RADIO: Living in Brooklyn, do you find that the area is better suited for more unique up-and-coming acts? The scene the area has going is rather famous, in a sense.

BERMUDA BONNIE: Brooklyn is amazing. I love the scene here so much. Do I think it is suited for the up and coming? Yes, I think that New York is the biggest city in the country and all the best artist find themselves here. So then there are tons of great minds all bouncing off each other. It leads to awesomeness. And there are so many bands I dig that live hear. Fiery Furnaces, The Drums, Grizzly Bear, Chairlift, Au Renoir Simone, Yeasayer (love them!!), Brahms (which I just started getting into), Das Racist, Amazing Baby, Small Black, Twin Sister…..um the list goes on….

SICK OF THE RADIO: Much of your music is available for free download online. How do you feel about illegal music downloading and the like?

BERMUDA BONNIE: Oh, balls! It sucks of course. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. I mean the worst is that now the only way a band can hope to make a buck is by getting a song in a car commercial. And yet there are so many great bands still making music and making it original. We all still say, “Fuck you” to the man and your silly money. We don’t need it to be happy! ….Not that we wouldn’t still love to get payed. But this problem of downloading doesn’t seem to stop people from making music.

SICK OF THE RADIO: What is your favorite Keanu Reeves film? (Feel free to say “None.”)

BERMUDA BONNIE: I was totally obsessed with Speed… What a great movie!! I love action…chases, shoot-outs, murder mystery, etc… and I love sexy make-out scenes and hot man rescuing the girl he loves! And what a quotable movie! Besty.

SICK OF THE RADIO: The new video looks great. What are you working on right now?

BERMUDA BONNIE: Thanks, my sister Kim shot and edited it. I am working on a bubble lettering 3rd grade style logo/myspace header with unicorns!…and a second album. Hopefully have the lettering done by the end of the day. And the album by Oct/Nov.

STREAM/DOWNLOAD Bermuda Bonnie’s newest release or watch their new video right here at Sick of the Radio.

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