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Allister Izenberg: Intimately Creepy

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Allister Izenberg is a 19 year old musician from Los Angeles, California. IzenbergĀ  is from the Van Nuys district of the San Fernando Valley; an area that has been aptly referred to as ‘America’s suburb’, and on a related note the nexus of the pornography industry. Although sincerity and weird troubadours wouldn’t seem to spawn from the seedy sameness of San Fernando, Izenberg’s melancholic vocals are deeply inspired by the loneliness and boredom that his environment (suburbia) engenders.

Allister’s music owes just as much to Antony as it does to Robert Wyatt. Enigmatic and haunting vocals occupy most of the space with clanky pianos and sparse percussion rounding things out. Izenberg’s music somehow remains disconcerting yet intimate, helping us to get in touch with our inner creepy uncle without going to jail for it.

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