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GUEST POST: The Enchantments on Gene Defcon

gene defcon GUEST POST: The Enchantments on Gene Defcon

Gene Defcon-Laying down with my headphones on

Andrew from The Enchantments says:

When I listen to Gene Defcon, I feel like I’m on the Gene Team and I’m making a QB-sneak touchdown pass. Don’t dump Gatorade on me though, save it for Gene! He’s the head coach. Come Party With Me 2000 is a landmark achievement. Who was he? How come? No man knows for sure. Reports indicate he still resides in Austin, TX where he will listen to anyone bold enough to speak his name. Gene Defcon has songs about everything, including not wanting to know about it, moments, romantic to the maximum, and getting crazy in the hot tub. I hope that there is room in that hot tub for the rest of us! Gene Defcon is from the 90′s and recorded his music himself in a world where sanity was in short supply. Gene Defcon also has a hip, interesting look about him and would be perfect for the next magazine cover. He is a legend. You’re going to enjoy it. You’re going to employ it. Let the music work for you.

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