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Tan Dollar: Unknown Ecstasy

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Journalist are a lazy bunch. Constantly coining new neologisms in vain effort to describe this or that, our ability to use language to describe sound is a vain pursuit at best; a way to pigeonhole the unknown into the known. So in typical¬† lethargic music journalistic fashion this journalist is introducing a new music genre–Dream Country.

This word will function as a necessary descriptor for the music of Tan Dollar. I will use Tan dollar as the first band to define said genre and to introduce the term “dream country” into the blogosphere lexicon at large. Tan Dollar is the sound of road trips with the windows down. Carefree and exhibiting an oneiric quality,Tan Dollar is for the libertine: the individual who isn’t scared of their ability to dream themselves out of the nightmare.

Two songs from Tan Dollar are now available on a new compilation of Wonder Wheel productions. Also featured are Cosmonauts, Dash Jacket and Pearl Harbor / Puro Instinct, FREE Download at mywonderwheel.blogspot.com

By William M. Bass

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