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Le Sphinxx: home grown electro


Le Sphinxx remind me of a certain other new wave electro outfit – the guy all hunched behind his laptop, head bobbing, the girl complete with severely hip bangs, yelling over deafeningly torqued beats. Except, rather than strapping a strobe light to her face –a la Crystal Castles‘ Alice Glass–Le Sphinxx vocalist Laura Saliba sets up a disco ball on the floor, letting multicoloured fireflies arc the walls. Oh, and she’s not exactly yelling, nor are the beats nastily cranked; the zoned out techno of ‘Hot Neon Lights’ is a trance-lullabye compared to the ear-splitting hiss and distortion favoured by most of Le Sphinxx’s electro contemporaries. Performing regularly in Brooklyn, the as yet unsigned Le Sphinxx are eager to get themselves heard, making several of their songs available for free download here.

Richard Greenan.

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