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Interview: Symbolic Jews “FUCK RADIOHEAD”

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I talk with Adam and Brian from The Symbolic Jews who are releasing a new album entitled “Can I trust You“, you can preview the album HERE and also download a bunch of their other albums on their Bandcamp page.

SICK OF THE RADIO- How would you describe your sound??

ADAM: Confession Rock

BRIAN: Chameleon Popck

SICK OF THE RADIO-Your sound seems to have no restriction’s, you have even utilized auto-tune when most people would think that dudes like you guys would despise that sound. Tell us about your new album ‘Can I trust you’ you say its going to be a mix of lil wayne and oxbow???

ADAM:We’ve gone through a lot of band members of the year or years we’ve been together. Each new line-up would produce a completely different sounding band. And rather than try and preserve a certain “sound” I just say fuck it, as long as it’s fun to play. As long as it challenges the listener or audience member, makes em feel awkward or scares them just a little bit. That’s fun.

BRIAN: “Can I Trust You?” is going to be an oversensory assault of unnecessary extrasensory bleeps and blops followed by uncomfortably familiar ground and will continue to fuck with your senses not necessarily in this order.

SICK OF THE RADIO-Any cool bands you like within the San Fran area??

ADAM: The Snails, this crazy guy that plays violin at Civic Center Station. He’s fucking brilliant, even if it turns out he’s not crazy and just ripping off hipsters.

BRIAN: Base of Bass, Planet Booty

SICK OF THE RADIO- What are you guys listening to right now??

ADAM: 13th Floor Elevators’ Bull of the Woods. We’re def covering Livin’ On off that album. Also Fang and Rudimentary Peni. They’ve really grown on me. There’s a hella rudimentary Peni-sounding song on the new record, that’s no accident.

BRIAN: Husker Du, Emeralds, The Symbolick Jews, Clutchy Hopkins, X, Acid Mother’s Temple

SICK OF THE RADIO-Tell us where we can get some of your releases?

ADAM:From me at our shows.

BRIAN:For Free on our bandcamp page!, http://thesymbolickjews.bandcamp.com

SICK OF THE RADIO-Any cool stories while on tour? I see you guys have and upcoming tour starting this November, and it looks like you are venturing out to places like Texas and New Orleans, is this the farthest from S.F. that you have ever played??

ADAM: I met my girlfriend’s family on our last tour to Southern California. They watched us play songs like “I dissapointed my parents by becoming a drug addict” and still welcomed me with open arms. Thank god! I thought that was gonna be a deal breaker. This next tour we’re shooting for New Orleans. I figure if the reception up north and down south is any indication, we should go over real well. The farthest I’ve ever played is for a church service in Cambodia. The Khmer people rule! They can really jam. I hope our band can play Southeast Asia soon. Over there they know what freedom really means.

BRIAN: Our van broke down on the way to L.A., we stayed the night on a military base and got lost getting out in the morning.. not too much to tell haha, but maybe i’m forgetting things. Texas is the farthest I’ve ever played.

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