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ART: Daniel K Sparkes-Master of cross-sections

daniel k sparkes mixed media drawing artist

Slicing one object in half is a simple matter; but deciding what you’re going to see is not. That’s what Daniel K Sparkes does. He works in mixed media, taking photographs and adding to them. The truly remarkable part of this is how well he controls space. Each of the drawn parts are exactly the size they should be, and everything is in the correct angle so it looks as if it really is a cross-section. Every face and portrait manages to remain anonymous but still retains plenty of detail. Mildly disturbing and very interesting, each of these pieces expertly juxtaposes the real and unreal.

Snowwhittled53 ART: Daniel K Sparkes Master of cross sections

kawa ART: Daniel K Sparkes Master of cross sections

By Sophia Chen

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