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Balls to the wall: Dance vibes

balls to the walls music1 Balls to the wall: Dance vibes

Much to the chagrin of the male psyche, the phrase “Balls to the Wall” has nothing to do with male genitalia. Rather, the phrase was coined during World War Two  as the accelerator in the aircraft had round tops that looked like balls. To put the “balls to the wall” was to push the levers all the way forward, making the aircraft fly as fast as possible; it now means. “to carry out an action as quickly as possible.”

While their sound might not completely invoke the definition of balls to the wall, Jesse Gold and Marina Benedetto (the duo behind BTTW) construct self described “Gay Noise Fag Beats.”  Obvious feminist connotations aside, BTTW’s music invokes the zeitgeist of the downtown d.i.y. NO-Wave scene of the late 70′s early 80′s that is currently haunting the Brooklyn burrough. Bands like Suicide and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks are good reference points ( all you lazy journalists out there) for the homegrown sounds coming out of BTTW. Channeling the still living vocal stylings of Karen O., the ladies of BTTW utilize thrift store synths and broken drum machines to de-and-reconstruct the junk culture that is America-yet while still giving us something to shake our asses too.

by William M. Bass

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