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Mp3: Paleodd’s Derek Samuelson downloads

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Derek Samuelson aka Paleodd, was a sweetheart and sent us a bunch of his tracks. His songs are  beautifully chaotic with fragments of toy keyboard beats, twangy guitars and strung out vocals. His songs are built from simple chord progressions but are transformed into more sporadic compositions  as he layers various synths and electronic drum loops that reminisce of a  more juvenile Ariel Pink.  His new track Boomerang opens with scattered guitar riffs  followed by a straight forward drum loop, contrasting his usual fragmented beats, you can hear this track on his myspace page here. Freeze the Flame plays off the innocence of  pre-psychedelic 60′s music with R. Stevieish vocals….. think ‘piper at the gates of dawn’ but with drum machines. You can download some of his tracks above and don’t forget to check his myspace, he is always pumping out new music.

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