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George Quartz: Not afraid to show some chest

What if love and sincerity had a taste? While some might imagine some platonic fruit, the actual truth of the matter might yield something more devastating and real- something like the heart shaped (chalky and bland) candies that one receives on valentines day. The ironic mixture of the sincere intention behind the giving of the object combined with the prosaic message and vapid taste of the candy produces a particular post modern sensation of the synthetic and the sincere.

George Quartz tries to reproduce the above experience through his crooning disco jams. In an interview with dazed digital, Quartz defines his music as “a really artificial sound, but hopefully warm and alive as well – very synthetic, but also sincere and personal at the same time.” After listening to some of his tracks one can come to this conclusion as George layers soulful and crooning vocals over cheesy synth saturated beats-pulling one in emotionally while being reminding us of the sheer artifice of it all.

by William M. Bass

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