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Guest Post: Wonder Wheel’s Paul A. Rosales on Tan Dollar

tan dollar Guest Post: Wonder Wheels Paul A. Rosales on Tan Dollar

Tan Dollar-The Turning Point

Paul A. Rosales from Wonderwheel says:

I first met Tan Dollar at a Halloween party in 2008. We played a grocery store towards the end of December and rang in the New Year with style. The shows continued, the party raged and these kids were building up a broth of hypnotic jams. We recorded the Pink Sky EP the day Michael Jackson died and by Halloween 2009 recording of the debut full-length Your Body as a Temple was complete. Chris, Liz and LC are continuing to up the ante with a switch from duel keyboards to guitar driven jingle-jangles. They also just finished a summer west coast tour with best buds Weed Diamond and Dash Jacket. 2010 isn’t over yet and there is still plenty more to be heard from this blossoming California band. If you’re into Eno, Beat Happening, videogames and dope beats you’ll love Tan D. Two songs from Tan Dollar are now available on a new compilation of Wonder Wheel productions. Also featured are Cosmonauts, Dash Jacket and Pearl Harbor / Puro Instinct, FREE Download at mywonderwheel.blogspot.com

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