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HERE WE GO MAGIC Live at Emo’s in Austin TX

Here We Go Magic @ Emo's 1

I have been to a few Here We Go Magic shows, I have listened to their albums and I even consider myself a well-versed fan, but I was not ready for the Wednesday night show that Here We Go Magic brought to Emo’s in Austin Texas. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to interview Luke Temple and Peter Hale before their set (interview can be found below), but little did I know that what they told me would ring so true on stage that night.

Before the show Luke and Peter told me how they never get sick of playing their songs. They become more comfortable with them as time goes on and that allows the band to take their songs to new levels.  That simple truth is what made this show blow away every other show of theirs I have seen. Their songs took on a whole new life that night. For example Fangela, a song from their first album and second song of the night, was taken from a 5-minute song to at least a 12-minute song (You can find a video of the first portion of this song below).

The songs that night started much like they do on their albums, but after 2 minutes into it they sprung new life. The band was able to redevelop and raise the stakes of their songs higher and higher without going over the top or overwhelming the fans. On multiple occasions I had to take a deep breath and muttered something along the lines of “Sweet Jesus that was good.”

At one point a decently legitimate mosh-pit broke out. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Indie Rock does not equal mosh-pit, but I don’t think the crowd had any other options. It seamed like the thing to do at the time. Besides, the show was such an escalation of energy and emotion it had to come out somehow. Some people even found their catharsis by surfing over a crowd speckled with holes (both impressive and brave).

In closing, Here We Go Magic’s self-proclaimed 6-sylable musical genera: Impressionistic-Rock, my 4-syllable summary of the show: Hot-Damn-Epic.

By: Brad O’Donnell

Check out our exclusive interview with Here We Go Magic before the show!

Due to the unfortunate event that it was too loud to record the following interview, large portions the answers are not the band’s actual words. The interview was conducted with the lead man Luke Temple and drummer Peter Hale.

SICK OF THE RADIO: You have played the big stage at Austin City Limits and small stages like The Independent here in Austin, how do you like Austin and do you like playing the bigger or smaller venues?
HERE WE GO MAGIC: We love Austin! It’s like our second home; we know a ton of people here. It really doesn’t matter what size the venue is, the most important thing is that we are all flying together and it feels right. We did play a large show in Barcelona where it seamed like there were 3,000 people there to see us and that felt amazing. But, there is that separation form the crowd in the big festivals. It’s like 20 feet or more. Small venues are nice because we get more of a chance to interact with the crowd, but in the end its about the vibe we are feeling.

SICK OF THE RADIO: How has touring been? Are y’all on a bus?
HERE WE GO MAGIC : Touring is great. We love it. We’re actually in a van with a trailer. It’s a lot of work. We load and unload all our own equipment, so it’s no joke.

SICK OF THE RADIO: What’s your favorite song to play as a band? Are you sick of playing Collector yet?
HERE WE GO MAGIC: Our favorite song is always changing. The older songs become the better because we get a chance to get comfortable with them. There are ones that start out really hard for us to play but as times goes on we can really unleash and jam out with them. Like Fangela is really easy for us now. We basically try to transcend the songs… NO! We are not sick of playing Collector. We can have a lot of fun with it.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Is there one band that all of you can agree on as being your biggest influence or at least a band you all really like?
HERE WE GO MAGIC : Ha, that’s hard, we like a lot. Abner Jay is something we all like. We also really like Ariel Pink’s last release.

SICK OF THE RADIO: I know Luke started off with a very small drum kit when he was doing his solo stuff, but the drums are such a big beautiful part of your music. What are your thoughts on drums?
HERE WE GO MAGIC: Peter: Luke is actually a really good drummer. Luke: Yea, I really love the drums. It’s the most important part of the songs, the bigger the better. I actually started playing bass, so I would always jam out with drummers. Peter: We really like going all out with the drums. Absolutely, the bigger the better.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Where do you like to let the creative juices flow? Are you more comfortable in a studio? Do you even like recording in a Studio?
HERE WE GO MAGIC: It has to be a comfortable place. It’s great when we have the money for a studio, but you can’t just spend 12 hours in a studio if your not feeling it. We need places where we can be ourselves. When we are all feeling good, that’s when we really excel.

SICK OF THE RADIO: How has being signed with Secretly Canadian been?
HERE WE GO MAGIC.: It’s great, they are really just a bunch of bros. It’s a bunch of guys with crazy record collections. We love to hang out with them and listen to music. They are the type of people who are really just in it for the music. If they sign a band that makes them some money, that’s great. But if not, who cares. They are still doing what they love.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Ok, my final and favorite question. Can you tell me what musical genera you fall under in exactly 6 syllables?
HERE WE GO MAGIC: Impressionistic-Rock (official thinking time: 10 seconds)

Here are some additional photos of the show. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the page also.

Here We Go Magic @ Emo's 2

Here We Go Magic @ Emo's 3

Here We Go Magic @ Emo's 4

Here We Go Magic @ Emos 5

Flickr Video

By: Brad O’Donnell

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