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Guest Post: Royal Hideouts on Painted Ships

painted ships Guest Post: Royal Hideouts on Painted Ships

Painted Ships-Frustration

Mikey from the Royal Hideouts says:

“I don’t know anything about these guys. Some kids were skateboarding in my neighborhood to this song on a mix CD that I was able to trade them for. Whoever Painted Ship were, besides Canadians, they had some crazy ideas. To me it sounds like Lux Interior fronting the Byrds or some other early psych group. Really snaky jazz rhythms, big organs, killer riffs, everything I’m into. “Frustration” has this really cool noir feel to it that warps the 60′s garage sound into something decidedly evil. I wish I could go back in time and convince these guys to record more jams. This is the perfect song to put on if you ever feel like someone is following you.”

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