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Guest Post: Fungi Girls on Suburban Lawns

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Fungi Girls say:

Suburban Lawns are a band we’ve all been pretty into this past month or so, mostly due to excessive play in the car while on our recent tour. They’re a five piece from Los Angeles with all guys other than the front woman (or front girl, I should say) who’s name is Su Tissue. From what I know, they only have three releases. Their first was a single released in 1979, and the others were a full length and an EP released sometime in the early 80′s. They have a definite 80′s/new wave sound which can be borderline cheesy at some points, but the weirdness of Su Tissue, their slight punk edge, and good instrumentation saves them. I would start with the “Gidget Goes To Hell” single first, as well as listening particularly to “Janitor” off their full-length, then work your way into other songs and the EP. Also, their performance of “Janitor” on the old show New Wave Theater is definitely something worth seeing.

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