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A Lullaby for the Ears: Like Bells’ Palma

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Palma is the second album from three Ohio lads who formed Like Bells back in 2006 when they were all students at Oberlin College. Their first release was a self titled full-length in 2009 on Exit Stencil Recordings.

Similarly to other bands who fall into the post-rock category, like Mogwai and A Silver Mt. Zion, Like Bells say so much in between their infrequent lyrics with their carefully composed instrumentals. Consisting of a violinist, a guitarist, and a drummer, the band treads lightly and softly when necessary, then delves deeper, as if into far off caverns of sound and space, extracting the best parts and weaving them into song.

From beginning to end, Palma is a work of art; an enchanting, yet haunting sophomore effort. While the band cites an eclectic lineup of bands as influences, including Aphex Twin, Frank Zappa and Sigur Ros, it’s the latter that really shines on this album.

Those of you in Cleveland hit the jackpot on this one, because the only scheduled show for Like Bells is on September 13, at Beachland Tavern.

By: Amanda Chatel

“Yeti” from their 2009 self-titled LP:

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