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Mp3: Dan Plaza: Album download “Plaza-The free edition”

Dan Plaza Mp3: Dan Plaza: Album download Plaza The free edition

Dan Plaza-In Your Brain

Dan Plaza- A Liter of Life

Dan Plaza- Installing a Fantasy

Download Dan Plaza’s “Plaza-The free edition” here

L.A.’s Dan Plaza brings us 13 uplifting tracks with “Plaza-The free edition”. This album is chalk full of poppy chilled out beach vibes and quirky keyboard arrangements.¬† Dan maintains his diy outsider musician status while delivering music with high production values. Some of the tracks on this album sound like a 16-bit coke party hosted by the Beach Boys circa 1992. The song Installing a Fantasy has an innocent teenie bop feel mixed with slightly detuned vocals reminiscing of Lou-Reed’s strung-out heroin crooning.¬†Download his album below and also check out the Mindless Vinyls compilation featuring a few Dan Plaza tracks here.

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