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Dylan Ettinger: Consciousness Splitting Synths

dylan Dylan Ettinger: Consciousness Splitting Synths

Dylan Ettinger-Rico’s Pawn Shop

Dylan Ettinger wants you to know about the power of the synth. According to his bio, Ettinger’s consciousness is a byproduct of a freak synth accident that occurred when notable new age artists Vangelis and Manheim Steam Roller were collaborating on a  musical piece that was intended to put one in contact with the translinguistic object at the end of time. Unfortunately, that project failed; however, the world was made better by the birth of Dylan Ettinger. Hailed by the inner fellowship of drone lords as the their new messiah, Ettinger along with Oneotrix Point Never and Emeralds are part of the new trinity of synth-drone artists that are hear to redeem us of unconscious lethargy produced by the tyrannical reign of the guitar.

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