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DINOWALRUS evolve again

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The three-piece drum and drone outfit Dinowalrus have experienced a bit of a shake up since releasing their debut LP, %, in March. Out went bassist Kyle Warren, in came multi-instrumentalist Liam Andrew. The Dinowalrus had evolved again. That isn’t to say the band’s previous offerings weren’t mutating quickly enough – on %, Dinowalrus manifested a multi-limbed, genre-bending shapeshifter. At times recalling krautrockers Faust and Can, the hybrid beast was liable to suddenly change directions, perhaps crashing into the more angsty noise-punk territory of bands like Health and Titus Andronicus (whom Dinowalrus guitarist Peter Feigenbaum sometimes joins on stage). For a taste of kraut-punk visit Dinowalrus’s website, where you can download a couple of tracks. Also, check out the review of % on Tiny Mixtapes HERE. Below is the official video for the track ‘Bead’, apparently inspired by the experimental composer Steve Reich.

Richard Greenan.

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