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Weird War: Bringing the P-Funk (Punk Funk)

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Despite it being the year 2010, Washington, D.C.’s Weird War refuse to acknowledge this reality. Instead, Weird War have chosen to live in a different dimension. One in which linear time isn’t the harsh reality that we are all too familiar with. In the realm of Weird War, time and culture are statically held in place by the eternal and incessant intercourse of the 60′s and 80′s. Instead of wasting oxygen, humans have adapted to breathing a different sort of air comprised of fuzzed out, surf rifts. Time is measured not by the procession of the sun but rather an incessant yet mildly funky bass line played by the No-Wave luminary James Chance. No need to worry about one’s wardrobe for the day as everyone is provided with Beatle Boots and mod haircuts. Love is free and funky, cool is effortless.

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