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Outsiders still outside

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Can outsider music still maintain it’s allure with the inception of MySpace? The music of Memphis C. Depp seems to attest that it can. Regardless of MySpace or the Internet itself,  Memphis C. Depp remains refreshingly enigmatic. Depp’s music is just as entangled and un-revealing as his personality. Intoning his vocals in a deadpan delivery, Depp’s ramshackle anti-folk songs spell out a carefree existence we all long for but will never inhabit. Lyrically the music embodies the outsider ethos by conflating pathos and irony; never letting the listener get too close to Depp’s protean soul.  Like fellow outsiders Ralph White and Devendra Banhart, Depp isn’t afraid to scare us also-shocking us out of our unchecked sensibilities. At the same time, Memphis’s loose bluegrass finger pickin invites us to settle down with a miller high life and learn something about the little things in life. As Willie Nelson once famously stated, “‘Three Chords and the Truth—That’s What a Country Song Is,” if Depp’s music doesn’t embody this then I don’t know what does.

Mozy on down to his MySpace.

by William M. Bass

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