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High-energy, high fidelity: stream Electric Tickle Machine’s new album

ETM High energy, high fidelity: stream Electric Tickle Machines new album

Electric Tickle Machine sound exactly as you’d think they should: a more jovial, Dinosaur Jr.-esque Free Energy with a Conor Oberst-y Yoni Wolf on vocals. Weird, yes, but a bit too interesting to pass up. The group’s take on garage music is unique in that it ditches the popular lo-fi aesthetic surrounding the genre; ETM strive to create genuinely catchy tunes with murderous organ riffs and galloping choruses in beautiful clarity.

The band’s penchant for catchy riffing is only surpassed by its affinity for cryptic naming; group leader Tom Tickle claims that the name isn’t rooted in something sexual, rather, it’s a concise diatribe on the “evolving relationship between humanity and technology.” He expounds upon the ways in which we have all become dependent on the aspects of technology that “tickle” us, as we cannot do it to ourselves.

Folks, you’ve heard it from ETM, first: You cannot tickle yourself.

If you’re craving some infectious garage-pop to accompany this epiphany, ETM’s most recent album, Blew it Again, is available in LP format from InSound or on iTunes. If you can’t wait to hear it, you can stream the work from their website.

Cassandra Gillig

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