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The Unstoppable Teenage Fanclub– No longer teenagers, but their fanclub still is

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The Scottish boys of Teenage Fanclub have been around for much longer than expected. The band was around during grunge’s birth and has been creating doggedly melodic pop songs ever since. Their most recent album, Shadows (2010) surprisingly includes none of the songs featured on the band’s Myspace page—perhaps because their classics are their finest. “Sparky’s Dream,” a sweet little pop ballad that includes much harmonizing with “wooos” and rather floaty vocals, is off the band’s 1995 album Grand Prix. It’s interesting to see the band’s progression of sound within a decade, because “Time Stops,” off their 2005 Man Made album, has a distinctly indie sound to it, departing from the band’s original grungy-orchestral-pop schtick. “Time Stops” is a little dystopic and off-center, but it’s got some awesome organ in it and an unstoppable beat. The band has been around longer than some of us have been living, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon—they’re on tour right now, check out their website here!

-dale bachman

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