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Quitzowww! Look out for lasers.

quitzow22 300x252 Quitzowww! Look out for lasers.

If you were to collect a large group of robots and equip with them with mad synthesizers, add a confusingly lovely female voice singing over itself, snatch some of Yo-Yo Ma’s cellist compatriots and outfit the entire group in metallic leopard-print jumpsuits, you might get close to what Quitzow sounds like. Erica Quitzow is a upper New York native, but she captures an international comprehensiveness in her J-pop saccharine vocals and her occasional use of classical guitars and marimbas. Her music is lively, catchy, and never takes itself too seriously—it’s the perfect soundtrack for an estrogen-filled summer Jeep ride or a night on a dance floor that has multiple lit-up squares. Check out “Cherry Blossom,” “Float,” and the ever-amusing “Cats R People 2,” a whimsical ponder addressing the vastly underestimated feline percentage of the Earth’s population (“It happens every day/Cats have things to say”). The only disappointment I have with Quitzow is the lack of leotards seen in her performances, but I’m holding out. As with other addictive cosmopolitan female pop acts (a la Gaga/Peaches), it seems the leotard comes with the success that seems almost inevitable for this enrapturing new act.

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