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FASHION: Food Wallets

5019 D FASHION: Food Wallets

Everyone needs food. And more than most people like it. And quite a few of us love it. For those of us who are in that special last category, these cute food wallets are the perfect thing. And for the rest of you, I mean, who doesn’t like cute miniature food? And these things are fully functional! Show off your favorite foods through one or more of these adorable wallets.┬áThe burger wallet pictured above can be bought for $25 here.

5626 D FASHION: Food Wallets

This PB&J wallet is deliciously realistic (look at the bread!) and sells for $12 here.

5704 D FASHION: Food Wallets

Finally some chips that won’t give you that extra weight! Get it for $10 here.

5639 D FASHION: Food Wallets

Want a candy stash to stash your money in? Buy one here for $18.

5045 D FASHION: Food Wallets

Bacon-lovers rejoice! One of these will set you back $16.

3753 D FASHION: Food Wallets

For people who think that breakfast food can and should be eaten at all meals, this wallet is for you. Each one costs $16.

2569 D FASHION: Food Wallets

Oh, how can you resist that little taco-face? Adopt one of these little guys for $16 now!

2598 D FASHION: Food Wallets

Get a slice of this cake for $14 here.

5851 D FASHION: Food Wallets

This little hot-dog coin pouch can fit all your little necessities and is currently on sale, going for $9.99 here.

By Sophia Chen

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