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Who the hell are Newborn Huskies?

errr, this is all I could find

There ain’t much info to be had on who, or where, Newborn Huskies are. My half-arsed late night internet research suggests they are somehow associated with the Brooklyn weirdpop quartet, Restless People (read this interview on The Fader with Restless People’s Tony Blankets and see the plot visibly thicken – are Newborn Huskies Restless People in disguise??). All I can find picture-wise is this weird puppy collage.

Anyhoo, a visit to the Newborn Huskies myspace page will unearth a collection of lo-fi acoustic gems. So un-glossy is the production that we can hear the Newborn Huskies fumbling around with their cassette deck at the end of songs. Paws are too big for the buttons, y’see. Pick of the bunch is sleepy guitar and rainstick instrumental ‘Rockaway Beach’ – it feels like you’ve intercepted a tape sent between long lost friends. Heartwarming. These songs will apparently be released in EP form under the title All Wite and Blue Eyes, on Family Edition records. Stay tuned for updates.

Richard Greenan.

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